G50 Stabilised Remote Head

Techno Head

The G50 Stabilised Remote Head offers unrivalled performance at a realistic price. It has been specially designed for use on our TechnoCranes, but is also just as happy stabilising on tracking vehicles and boats. The lightweight but heavy duty G50 is a gyro stabilized head with ultra-precise response delivering a crisp feel.

The cradle-style head has a geometry which enables the head to pan left and right even when pointing straight down without the need for a 4th axis. The cradle can easily be adjusted to take large 3D Cameras.

Techno Head Techno Head Techno Head

TechnoCrane Europe is working continuously to improve the performance of the G50 and many additional features will soon be available such as pan slip rings.

The G50 can also output encoder data using 'Motion Logger.' This data can then be used on visual effects software such as 'Maya'.


  • Fully digital gyro stabilization
  • Expandable to carry 3D & IMAX cameras
  • Extremely strong and precise motor drive- zero backlash. copes easily with larger 35mm packages
  • Zero gyro drift
  • Auto horizon function
  • Programmable limits with dampening
  • Payload 50 kg (110 lbs)
  • Weight 24 kg (52 lbs)
  • Power module for film cameras
  • Zoom & focus interface controls for Canon and Fujinon lenses
  • Pan, tilt & roll axis's all recordable
  • Adjustable size
  • Touch screen controls, joystick, pan-bar & wheels
  • High speed
  • Wireless control