The Technocrane

Technocrane 35

What is a Technocrane?

A Technocrane is a telescopic camera crane, which allows the camera to be moved without moving the base. So as well as being able to swing the arm up, down, left and right the arm can telescope in and out.  Unlike a standard camera crane, which has a fixed arm length.

The Technocrane has several sections that run on rails. This allows the arm to telescope smoothly and quietly in and out on shot at the press on a button.

As the arm moves out a counter weight system moves the weights back and keeps the crane arm in balance. The smooth movement of the counter weights is very important. Any excess movement in the counter weights causes instability in the arm. At Technocrane Europe we use a linear bearing system which greaty improves stability. Please see our products page for more information on our manufacturing process.


Technocrane 45Technocrane 45

Technocrane 45Technocrane 45