Manufacturing 1

We are world leaders in the manufacture of TechnoCranes. We use state of the art technology to produce one of the most advanced products on the market.

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Manufacturing 2The cranes are manufacture to a very high standard. The sections are cut using the latest water jet cutting technology. The water jets do not heat up the aluminium so there is no distortion as with laser or plasma cutting. It also gives a precise and smooth finish. The sections are then assembled in a Jig giving the perfect assembly every time.


Manufacturing 3They are painted with a very high quality paint which is extremely hard wearing and durable, prolonging the life and appearance of the crane.The motor and drive system are revolutionary and the result of years of development. It delivers exceptional torque with great precision. Giving speed, smooth take up and smooth change of direction. The digital electronics increase the versatility of the crane allowing soft stops to be set anywhere along the arms travel.

Manufacturing 4The counter balancing carriage uses an advanced bearing system which also greatly increases the smoothness of the telescopic arm. It prevents free movement in the weight carriage further improving the performance of the crane.
All these processes are undertaken in one factory. There is no outsourcing so there is very strict quality control, which is why such a high quality product is produced.